The best parts of being a photographer to me are creating tangible artifacts of emotion and the preservation of those individual glimpses. In photographs, you can live moments over again, savor details lost and even include others in your memory with such rich visual reminders that they can imagine (or believe) they were there. 

My children never really knew my Mother in the way I had hoped; she died when my oldest was an infant. But, we celebrate my Mother’s birthday every year. We sing, eat cake, and share the few pictures and many stories of her life. At one celebration, my heart was filled with joy when my youngest asked “how old was I again, when your Mom died?” He has a real relationship with her, built through the images and stories we share. 

I’ve had a camera around my neck for most of my life. For 25 years it hung alongside a stethoscope. While my tools have changed, my focus remains: combining keen observation, deep interest and compassion, and long-practiced skills to create catalysts for stories.

The majority of my work is people and places (and water, but there is no market in that for me, yet). The images I love best involve unscripted, spontaneous moments captured as they evolve naturally either at events or portrait sessions.  

As a visual storyteller part of my job is to stand back, and document what you may not notice. I invite you to slow down and allow yourself time to reveal how beautiful your life is. 

So, if you’re interested in building a wondrous collection of images and stories; photographs that uniquely document your life, lets make time to chat. 

Photo credit- Owen Goyer